Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rainbow Salad

Tonight I made a lovely salad. Most times, salad isn't my first pick if I'm making dinner at home. Tomato, cucumber and spinach just doesn't sound satisfying. I'd rather have a hot meal w gooey sauce and a piece of toasted artisan bread. But tonight was different. Eric and I are going on a five-day trip and I wanted to use up some produce I had in the fridge, I was inspired to eat more raw foods because of a raw vegan foods cooking demonstration we went to. ...And I didn't want to dirty my kitchen.

From left to right:
Orange segments, lime wedges, spiced raw pepitas, avocado, purple carrots, garbanzo beans and fennel.

So I chopped up some vegetables, used the garbanzo beans I cooked the other day, topped w some raw pumpkin seeds and butter-free popcorn Eric popped. I also added some roasted butternut squash leftovers. Toss with 1 spoonful of Bragg Ginger & Sesame salad dressing and voila! Look at all of that color! These live foods really are magic. My skin glows, I feel gutbomb-less, and I'm happy. I'm actually happy. 

Happy chewing!