Friday, January 6, 2012

Feelin' Good & Fiber Friday: Downward Facing Dog

Feelin' Good: I went to yoga today! Sad to say, it was my second "practice" since being married. I had an amazing yoga practice today though. I walked in feeling defeated from a very crummy day, had a mini emotional breakthrough (anyone else experience this in yoga?), and left feeling like there was some wind in my sails. I was also proud of myself for actually going to yoga instead of dunking my emotions in honey mustard and watching Mad Men reruns from 4-9pm while my husband coached a soccer game. If you are truly upset about something, I encourage you to not wallow in your sorrow in your bed and watch tv. Engaging in a physical activity, whether it's a walk, going to the gym, yoga, even some deep cleaning, is purifying.

Fiber Friday: Quinoa is a high-fiber grain, and lentils are high in fiber (as are all legumes), so my dinner consisted of quinoa and lentils with some fresh ginger, sauteed bell pepper and fresh cilantro. I put the quinoa/lentil mixture on top of sliced cabbage and added some roasted sweet potato. #fiberinsanity

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'd love to hear what has made you feel better when you've had a crummy day. I'm going to end the day with some herbal relaxation tea, Easy Now. :)

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