Friday, January 6, 2012

Feelin' Good & Fiber Friday: Downward Facing Dog

Feelin' Good: I went to yoga today! Sad to say, it was my second "practice" since being married. I had an amazing yoga practice today though. I walked in feeling defeated from a very crummy day, had a mini emotional breakthrough (anyone else experience this in yoga?), and left feeling like there was some wind in my sails. I was also proud of myself for actually going to yoga instead of dunking my emotions in honey mustard and watching Mad Men reruns from 4-9pm while my husband coached a soccer game. If you are truly upset about something, I encourage you to not wallow in your sorrow in your bed and watch tv. Engaging in a physical activity, whether it's a walk, going to the gym, yoga, even some deep cleaning, is purifying.

Fiber Friday: Quinoa is a high-fiber grain, and lentils are high in fiber (as are all legumes), so my dinner consisted of quinoa and lentils with some fresh ginger, sauteed bell pepper and fresh cilantro. I put the quinoa/lentil mixture on top of sliced cabbage and added some roasted sweet potato. #fiberinsanity

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'd love to hear what has made you feel better when you've had a crummy day. I'm going to end the day with some herbal relaxation tea, Easy Now. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolutions!

Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve! My brother-in-law gave me two amazing cookbooks (blog post coming soon!), so E and I stayed home on New Year's Eve and I made a very sophisticated chicken and dumplings soup, and watched 30 Rock episodes. Wild, right?

I have a love/hate relationship with New Year's Eve. I hate NYE because it's amateur night and everyone and their dog is out, but I love NYE because I like starting the new year off fresh and creating New Year's resolutions. Some people don't make resolutions because they're afraid of failing. But you can't fail if you don't try. Who's with me?! Anybody? (crickets better not be chirping). Sure, I have the overall goal like most to be Healthier, Happier and Wealthier in 2012, but I won't be able to achieve it if I don't know have specific goals to focus on which will allow me to achieve my goal to be a smiling, rich girl. ;)

This is a cooking blog, so I will stick w my food-related goals on this blog. :)


1. Increase my daily fiber intake! Not very exciting, but a necessity. Foods that contain fiber are more voluminous (fills you up sans mucho calories), as well as nutrient-rich. All very good things!

2. Eat like a vegetarian 90% of the time. And when I say "vegetarian", I don't mean french fries and a Snickers. This 90/10 plan will allot me about 1-2 meals/week where I can opt for chicken or seafood or anything else I want (but it's usually salmon or chicken).

3. One day a week is dedicated to eating vegan foods/dishes. I got an amazing vegan cookbook this month (blog post coming soon!), and I can't wait to try out some tasty and very healthy and full-of-fiber dishes.

1. Be a smarter food shopper! I'm going to shop from the dry goods bulk bins more to make rice/farro/barley and beans "from scratch", which will really save. I'm also going to practice a little "cross-training" with my specialty ingredients, and not buy that package of dill unless I know I can use all of the dill in a few recipes before the said herb spoils. Speaking of packages of herbs... maybe I should make an earnest attempt out of growing my own herbs. ??

2. Bringing my lunch to work more. I've been pretty consistent this past year about bringing my lunch to work, but got pretty lax with it last month.

3. Not eating out as much, which goes hand-in-hand with Wealth Resolution #2. There are certain times where eating out can't be avoided, but for the most part we eat out because I'm too lazy or have a craving for Chik Fil A waffle fries and a diet coke (not part of any of my Health resolutions). I'll apply the 90/10 rule to this as well. Two times a week for eating out. I feel as though I enjoy the meals I prepare at home more than going out anyways.

1. Cook more! If you're lucky, I'll invite you over. :)

2. Blog more! Oi, I've neglected my little blog. I have a few weekly feature posts planned. Not only will I post recipes, but also tools, cookbooks, and cooking methods that I've found helpful. Stay tuned!

What are some of your New Year's Resolutions? I'd love to hear them! 2012 is going to be a great year!